Data Management

Keeping in view the importance of data, SIDQCON is providing economical and easy to implement data management solutions. To store the critical information in the database after processing and validation to make it readily available for all stakeholders is the ultimate goal of data management exercise.

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Development Services

Technology is always progressing and we help you adapt to latest technological advances required to progress and excel in your business. SIDQCON is specialized in custom software development and provides its services for enterprise level solutions, customized business solutions, information systems, e-commerce & web based solutions, CRM systems, multi-threaded real time applications and mobile applications. Our solutions and services are for multiple platforms that include UNIX, LINUX and Windows.

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Enterprise Solutions

Information systems are very important for modern day corporate structure. Using latest technologies also create a competitive advantage by enhancing current work practices and streamlining tasks through automation.

Through enterprise resource systems, processes can be improved, and organizations can effectively reduce man-hours. SIDQCON provides a complete suite of ERP systems suitable for vast variety of businesses.

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