Data Management & Migration Services

Data Management

The primary reason any data should be organized and managed is to provide fast and reliable access. One should be able to find data whenever needed. This is fairly prevalent in the industry today. Companies have invested millions to manage their data and also use different tools for this purpose. However, what they need is to be able to find all available data when required.

When considering the subsurface disciplines, 25-30% of the value creation in the North Sea came from the Data Management side. This indicates high importance of Data Management. These figures can vary, but give a clear indication of where investments can give further benefits.

Another perspective is to look at the work efficiency of work force. It has been found that people are spending 60% of their time, in average, looking for the right information. If this effort is reduced down to 40% to 30% by good Data Management, the professionals will have 20% to 30% more time to focus on their core activities resulting significant increase in business productivity.

Keeping in view the importance of data, SIDQCON is providing economical and easy to implement data management solutions. To store the critical information in the database after processing and validation to make it readily available for all stakeholders is the ultimate goal of data management exercise.

We provide a complete solution for data management. This includes:

  • Data Management Consultancy

  • Asset Library Management (Physical Data Management)

  • Digital Data Management

  • Data Management through MIS

  • Data indexing

  • Data loading

  • Development of MIS for Data Management

  • Free Support


  • Economical solutions

  • Easy to manage

  • Easy to use

  • Time saving

  • Improved storage infrastructure

  • Better data organization

Data Migration

We provide services of data migration from one software application to another. Present us your requirements, we will provide you the solution.


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