Customized Business Solutions

Due to the usual high cost of implementing “Customized Software”, clients usually have to go for off-the-shelf software packages to address their software requirements. This hampers organizations agility and flexibility needed to survive in the current competitive market.

Sidqcon offers services for customized software development according to the business requirements at very affordable costs. We use latest development methodologies, tools and technologies to deliver quality solutions. We undertake full analysis of clients’ businesses and identify the required functionality to increase business productivity and customer services.

Using iterative agile development methodology we ensure to exceed clients’ expectations with incremental reviews and version releases.

Manual business activities are often error prone, sluggish, and can cause a huge burden on financial resources. Automating vital processes to substitute manual processes can save time, increase efficiency, and reduce overheads for businesses.

At Sidqcon, we believe that the role of management for any business is to maximize the shareholders’ Return on Investment (ROI); and to achieve this goal organizations must identify unnecessary waste and eliminate inefficient labor.  Business Process Automation enables our clients to reduce labor costs by automating repetitive and mundane tasks and ensure that maximum efficiency is achieved from all key business processes.

Sidqcon provides the following Business Process Automation (BPA) services for the clients to choose from:


Custom Software Services

  • Bespoke software solutions
  • Up-gradation of existing software applications
  • Integration of Off-the-shelf software applications with custom software

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